Erotic Bundle Vol. 1: In Love With Rendezvous

Erotic bundle Vol. 1: "In love with Rendezvous" includes a collection of 10 stories that chronicles the adventures of the men and women who like to wear satin lingerie from "Rendezvous", the best lingerie store in the world. Plus, over 100 photos.

You also get a $50 coupon from Katie and Laura's Fancy Satin Panty Store with your purchase of Erotic bundle Vol. 1: "In love with Rendezvous".

The stories included in the bundle are:

1. Maid to Order
2. Can I help you?
3. Is anyone home?
4. Nuptials Sans Groom
5. Hot Pink Romance
6. Rendezvous in Satin Blue
7. Not So Tender
8. Rendezvous with Teacher
9. The Gift That Keeps On Giving
10. The Lady In Black Satin

You'll get 10 PDF and 1 JPG

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