I'm Misty MacAllister and I'm an erotic writer (this feels very much like an AA meeting). I wanted to take the opportunity to say a little something about myself, the obligatory bio, but that turned out to be harder to do than I thought, so instead I'm going to answer a few of the most common questions I get. Usually I get these questions on my Tumblr, where you can go and follow me - please, follow me, mistymacallister.tumblr.com - or you can go to my MistyMacBlog. 

The number one question I'm asked is: Do you write from experience?  

The answer is no. If I did everything in my stories, when would I have the time to write? And if somehow I had time, I'd be too sore for anything other than a long bubble bath and a glass of wine. The only books I can think of that bear any resemblance to reality are "Pollinate My Flower", because I had an experience with a bumble bee hive when I was little, but those stings weren't nearly as erotic as the stings in the said story, and "An Intimate Encounter of the Fifth Kind", because I sometimes think my husband is an alien, just without all the tentacles. One tentacle is enough. Oh, and "Bride of Bigfoot". I don't know about you but my hiking experiences have been pretty close to those described in "Bride of Bigfoot" except for the Bigfoot part. 

The number two question is: Why do you write erotica?  

Why not is the easy answer, but the more Freudian answer would be that writing erotica is a manifestation of one of my quirks. I like to peek into houses and hotel windows (hotel windows seem the most likely to produce results). I'm not a peeping Tammy, mind you. I always stay on the sidewalk. I'm not really interested in what the people's lives are like, or who they are, or what they're doing. Nope. I'm hoping to see them at the window doing something naughty. So maybe that's why I write erotica, because not enough people are doing naughty things in their windows and I have to use my imagination. So it's on you, people. Start getting frisky in windows if you want me to stop writing. 
The other questions I get are as follows, in no particular: 
Do you workout? 
Are you married? 
Do you want to meet? 
Are you afraid of the dark? 
Can you undo knots? 
Have you ever been tied up? 
Do you want to be tied up? 
But if you want to know the answers, you'll have to go to MistyMacBlog.